Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Lalit Patnaik's update on new IIT and IIEST demands

Dear Friends,
In a recent joint meeting on 24th Nov'06 at Utkal University, Bhubaneswar by Agami Odisha and UCE Alumni under the chairmanship of Sj Debi Prasanna Pattnaik( Padmashree award winner) and hundreds of Students and engineers, a resolution was passed to make all round effort to get an full fledged IIT for Orissa. It has been high lighted in many a leading Oriya and English news papers.
In continuation to that , on 27th Nov'06, Agami Odisha handed over the following memorandum to CM, Orissa , Speaker of Assembly and other prominent Ministers and MLA's in the Assembly hall.
People loving Orissa, who feel that Orissa deserves an IIT may join our movement and write letters to CM and all MLA's of Orissa. Our next move will be to HRD Minister and PM of India.

Honourable Speaker,
OLA, Bhubaneswar.

Sub:- Request for an all party resolution in Orissa legislative assembly for a Full-fledged IIT in Orissa.

Respected Sir,
With due respect, we beg to state the followings for an all party resolution in the assembly for a full-fledged IIT in Orissa.
That, in the past it is because of an all party resolution and the collective efforts of our esteemed leaders in the assembly and Parliament, we could achieve to get the NISER to be established in Orissa. For this, Agami Odisha expresses it's deep sense of gratitude to all our esteemed members.
That since 59 years of our Independence Orissa has been neglected to get an Institute of National importance. Higher education like IIT, IIM or Central University. Our demands have been turned down by an pretext which is unfortunate.
That, the University College of Engineering, Burla, set up in 1956 just after 2 years of establishment of IIT, kharagpur, which has proved it's allround efficiency to produce eminent technocrats, serving in the country and outside, has not been considered to be an IIT inspite of the request of our CM.
That, recently the Anand Krishnan Committee, appointed by the HRD Ministry of Govt. of India has recomended for upgrading 5 Engineering colleges of States like one in West Bengal( having IIT, IIM and centrally University), one in UP( having IIT, IIM and Central University), two in AP( having central University) and one in Kerala( having an IIM at Kazikote). This has not considered the case of UCE, Burla for even to be an IIEST having all infrastructureal facilities and fulfils all the criteria, fixed by the said committee for the same.
That, the concerted efforts of leaders, irrespective of parties, have brought achivements for us in the form of NISER and the people of Orissa want the repeatation in the assembly where the intelligent leaders find way for development of the State.
Therefore, we on behalf of the people of Orissa request your honor to be kind enough to have a deliberation on the issue to have an all-party resolution for a full-fledged IIT in the state and to make necessary resolution for declaring UCE, burla the Deemed university to opave the way for making it the IIEST of the State.

On behalf of Orissa.

Deviprasanna Pattnaik,Lalit Mohan Pattnaik, Santosh Tripathy, Prasanta kumar Samantray, Satya Siva Sunder Panda, Gadadhar Pradhan, Supriti Mishra, Jgannath Pr. Mohanty.

Note;- On 14th October'06 in the UCE Golden jublee function at Bhubaneswar, CM, Orissa has placed a demand with the Vice President of India to constitute a Parliamentary committee to suitably examine UCE, Burla and recomend for upgradation to an IIT.

To-gether we can make Orissa prosper. A Land prospers, only when it's intellectuals come forward.


This was originally posted by Lalit Patnaik in myodisa. Thanks to both.

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